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I've been waiting all Winter to complain about the Summer Heat!

We are one week away from the unofficial start to summer. Here in New England that means we open our outdoor pools the SECOND the ice melts, to maximize the length of our summer to thaw out from the Winter.

While transitioning outdoors, you are going to want to be fully equipped for the elements . I have collected a list of ideas and products that I personally use to help guide you into exactly what you will need for an awesome outdoor pool experience.

Bathing Suits Do me an HONEST favor. Take a good long look at your suit and then have a friend look at it on you and from BEHIND . If your suit has lost its color, adds drag to your workout or doesn't keep your Victoria's a secret ...... its time for a new suit!

Remember that aquatic fitness suits are designed for athletic conditioning. That cute string bikini with glitter and tassels will hold up for about 5 jumping jacks into the warmup.

Take a look at these links for suits:

I personally prefer an athletic suit when working out in the water. My favorite brand comes from Dolfin Swim Wear . They have a variety of one piece and two piece options ( including leggings). Use Code SWET2022 for a discount.

Looking for a few athletic separates? Take a look at my Amazon Water List for some of my favorite recommendations on separates that will equip you for success!

For a traditional ladies suit that will hold up on chlorine check out Swim & Sweat . Use Code P2PKATYC and you will unlock free shipping!

I wish I hade a code for you, but Land's End Suits are fantastic! They last forever and hold up to chlorine.

I also am asked all the time about the leggings and shorts I wear to class. The CVG line is my favorite land fitness line and bonus points, they work great in the water too.

Shoes If you are taking classes and working hard, I am going to strongly recommend that you invest in QUALITY shoes.

For one , you want a shoe to support your body. But secondly, its always wise to give yourself some height. Most pools are not designed with Aquatic Fitness in mind. Finding water at chest deep, might come at a premium. A good shoe might give you some height and bring you up to the correct water depth.

Aquamore Shoes are by far my favorite! They have a variety of colors, sizes and even launched a MENS SHOE!!! I love that their cruisers fit my super wide foot. Code

P2PKATYC and you will unlock free shipping!

Ryka makes a phenomenal women's Aquatic Fitness Shoe as well. My only complaint is that they are not wide enough for my flippers. But the majority of my students with normal or narrow feet, enjoy theses shoes.

Crosskix is another brand that is recommended in the industry. I have not personally used them, but a number of master trainers in the industry swear by them.

Sun Glasses

Lighter frames are a must! Heavier eyewear tends to feel bulky when you are moving during a high-intensity workout. Choosing rimless, metal, or lightweight plastic frames are crucial to working out. Don't let your prescription glasses be the reason you're unable to finish your workout. Consider Polarized to see better through the water and it always helps when your glasses float!

Check out brand's like Piranha or Rheos

for the convenience of knowing they will float on by when you nail that epic tuck jump!

Cover Ups-

For in the pool

Some might simply need the UV protection while other are going to need some warmth.

For warmth I can not recommend enough this brand on amazon CtriLady

This jacket is great in both comfort but also for a cool pool. For those who find they are cold during class, take a look at their legging options as well.

For UV comfort take a look at these links for athletic coverups that are great in the pool.

H20 Wear Dolfin Swim Wear Swimoutlet

Hats & Visors

You will want a hat or visor designed for athletics and not fashion. As cute as you look in your massive floppy hat sunning, you will want to headwear that can handle you transition from level 2 skis into a treading level 3 jack!

Some of my favorite brands of headwear can be found on my Amazon Water Fitness List

I would love to hear if you have other ideas or brands that you recommend for your outdoor pool experience. Comment below and we can add and update!

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