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These are a few of my favorite things!

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

I am asked all the time for my professional recommendations on aquatic fitness gear. No matter if you are looking to give holiday gift ideas to your family or prepping to leave on vacation and wanting to bring your local gym with you on TV, this guide will give you links and some discount on my favorite gear to equip you for success.

Wear It

Do me a favor- Put on your favorite bathing suit & grab your closest friend. Turn around and bend over. Let your bestie give your suit a good look and check for swim suit wear and tare. More often then not, its time for a new suit. Not sure yet? Do 5 jumping jacks. If any body parts make their entrance, which should never be seen in public.... then its time for a new suit. Check out some of my favorite recommendations below:

For a traditional ladies suit that will hold up on chlorine check out Swim & Sweat . Use Code P2PKATYC and you will unlock free shipping!

I personally prefer an athletic suit when working out in the water. My favorite brand comes from Dolfin Swim Wear . They have a variety of one piece and two piece options ( including leggings). Use Code SWET2022

Looking for a few athletic separates? Take a look at my Amazon Water List for some of my favorite recommendations on separates that will equip you for success!

I also am asked all the time about the leggings and shorts I wear to class. The CVG line is my favorite land fitness line and bonus points, they work great in the water too.

Kick It Wearing shoes really does change the game in your fitness journey. A quality fitness shoe protects the bottom of the foot from cuts and scrapes and allows you to take your workout to all impact levels. In addition , the majority of students look to have a little height while in the pool. A good water fitness shoe should give you at least half an inch to an inch allowing the depth to be more accurate.

Aquamore Shoes are by far my favorite! They have a variety of colors, sizes and even launched a MENS SHOE!!!

I love that their cruisers fit my super wide foot. Code

P2PKATYC and you will unlock free shipping!

Ryka makes a phenomenal women's Aquatic Fitness Shoe as well. My only complaint is that they are not wide enough for my flippers. But the majority of my students with normal or narrow feet, enjoy theses shoes.

Crosskix is another brand that is recommended in the industry. I have not personally used them, but a number of master trainers in the industry swear by them.


Here is a few of my favorite items that are simple to travel with and bring the gym with you to ANY pool.

Hydrorevolution - Multi Purpose tool and the best gear for drag resistance in the industry.

Aqua Body Strong - Hybrid Combat Gloves - Utilizing both buoyance and drag, these gloves are not only great for combat style fitness, but are excellent options for deep water and traditional fitness.

If you need something small to travel with then grab yourself a pair of drag gloves. These pack light and dry easy and can elevate any workout.

As an instructor you might be looking in ways to start a small group personal training business. Take a look at ABS's Starter Kit which will include everything you need to start.

Looking for one piece of equipment that can train both upper, lower ,

core AND can pack light? Aqua-Ω Is going to be your best bang

for your buck.

Use Code: KC10AO for 10% off!

Watch It

Take me and my team with you for the best workouts in the industry! There are two options for you to have me join you on the road.

  1. Purchase out videos to keep forever!

  2. Join me and some of the best instructors in the industry on Poolfittv - which you can stream right on the app.

Now people ask me how can you stream in the pool? Two quick links for tech gear to make this happen.

  1. Water Cover for your Tablet-

2. Water Proof Wireless Head Phones

Wash It

During the winter months, many students complain of chlorine taking an affect on their skin. The reality is we actually need to hydrate more during the winter dry months. When working out in the pool you can help combat this by using proper de-chlorination wash.

There are two companies I highly recommend for hair & skin care.

TRIHARD - Wash line designed for the triathlete.

Tri Swim- Loved and preferred by AEA and Aquatic Fitness Professionals around the world.

Make sure to save this blog. As new discounts are dropped and other companies reach out, I will update this blog and a continued list of my favorite recommendations!

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